UP! (Hun - Developed by Hazidigi Team)

Black Swan - The upgrade.

Several months ago I bought the German edition of Black Swan. I was disappointed with the plastic case of poor quality. Yet it seemed that the issue deserved better. So I contacted Hazidigi team in Hungary to develop a digi for me but taking advantage of the external box. They did, and once again a exclente work. Thanks Hazi team!

The new digi...


The pacific (UK)

Subtitles: PT-PT

Das Boot (Ger)

For those who never saw (if there is one) this is mandatory. Preferably in another issue, because this is ALL in German, including subtitles! The Steelbook is beautiful on the outside, to mimic the metal hull of the submarine, but inside it's weird. I did not understand why it isn't a regular steel ... perhaps because of the booklet, plus 3 disks, maybe not that.