Apocalypse now (B UK)

The timeless epic from Francis Ford Coppola comes alive in stunning high definition.

Blach Swan - Limited black edition (A, B Ger)

I do not know what to say about this one! It could be the "must buy ", but appears to be a deception. Why? Comes in DVD box amaray size! And a cheapest one... with a slipcase. Just like a DVD edition! The film deserved better! Not even the blue box? 
The holographic cover it's nice, but the rest ... Anyone knows a  beautiful one?
According to BLURAY - disc.se edition contains PT subtitles. I  confirm
that information.  The disc has PT-PT and PT-BR subtitles .


Monsters (B Ger)

I like the design of this quersteelbook, but the box is very fragile, very flexible. The steel products are usually of great quality. This is not the case. It has no internal art. Amazon says it is a limited edition, but does not say how many units, and this is not numbered. BLURAY - disc.se



The Fall (B Ger)